Anna Nasset

Stand Up Resources

Anna’s story begins as she was living her dream as a well-regarded gallery owner in the small coastal town of Port Townsend, WA. In late 2011 she became aware of man that was stalking her. Almost immediately, her life and business began to unravel, and as time wore on the psychological drain and real-life fear for safety became too much.

In 2013, Anna had to make the gutting decision to close the gallery. She swore she would never own another business again as she stared at her piles of debt. In 2015, traumatized, terrified and humiliated from the experience; coupled with the loss of her father, she quietly escaped to the hills of Vermont.

​It was there that she found safety, support, and healing by working with therapists and a victim services agency in Washington and Vermont. She admired her support team and felt herself longing to move into the field of victim services. Wanting to be a catalyst for change, Anna decided to offer her graphic and web design for victim service agencies.

She was one of very few people who were able to step forward and safely share the harrowing experience of being stalked for a decade. With help of the criminal justice system and prosecution, Anna successfully closed her case and her stalker was imprisoned receiving one of the longest sentences (10 years) in our nations history. Her story no longer needed to be tucked into the shadows; she could speak, strongly, clearly and with captivation to help others find freedom from stalking.

​Stand Up Resources (SUR) has grown out of the deepest loss and trauma; and at the heart it’s mission is to serve victim service providers, first responders, the military, and universities by offering expertise in the areas of stalking, sexual assault, suicide prevention, bystander prevention, and best practices.