Haylee “Reay” Cole

Haylee is an advocate for domestic violence awareness. She was born to two parents – one loving and one abusive. As a result, she was a victim of domestic violence at a young age. Her mother was murdered by her father in Pierre, SD when she was just 12. She worked closely with law enforcement in Pierre through all the court proceedings and still keeps in touch with them today.

Since 2008, Haylee has taken every opportunity to speak out on behalf of domestic violence victims. She has traveled across the country speaking to schools, law enforcement, and community events. Haylee served on the National Youth Advisory Board for loveisrespect.org from 2011-2017 which was a board of teens from around the country. In 2016, she gave a TEDx talk “Domestic Violence: I choose to be her voice” that told her and her mom’s story. The story has been featured on Dateline, The Devil Speaks, and Framed by the Killer.

Haylee has turned her story from tragedy into triumph. She shares a story about domestic violence, working closely with law enforcement, and inspires others to overcome trauma.